Case Study #3




Create a financial plan, reduce taxes now, and develop an efficient and sustainable investment strategy to grow savings


Juliet has been working for as long as she can remember. She is now a successful realtor and isn’t entirely sure that she ever wants to stop working. Juliet enjoys her career; she’s been a realtor for over 35 years and doesn’t think she will ever truly give the profession up. For her, it’s more about keeping busy and enjoying the work that she does. She doesn’t see it as a job.  She has been a saver her entire life. She isn’t necessarily doing anything wrong when it comes to her finances, she knows that she’s in a great position. 

More so than anything else, Juliet just wants to make sure that she is doing all the right things to make sure that she can truly make work optional. Juliet came to us looking to button up her finances. She wanted to make sure that she is paying as little tax now due to her high six-figure income she makes each year and needed help developing an appropriate investment strategy to support her goals. While she doesn’t ever see herself having what’s known as a “traditional” retirement, she wants to know that she can do so should she want it.



Juliet wasn’t exactly sure where to begin. The real estate market has been hectic ever since the COVID pandemic began. She didn’t have the time to do this on her own, so she decided to reach out to a team of professionals for some help. As Juliet shared more with us about her situation, we quickly came to realize that she needed a financial plan.

In developing a comprehensive plan for Juliet, we were able to provide strategies that allowed her to reduce her investment costs, provide for more tax-efficient investments, and reduce the amount of risk that she was taking while also improving her returns.


Keeping in line with her goals, we were able to reduce her current tax liability with tax-efficient retirement plan funding strategies, charitable giving, and more. Juliet was ecstatic. To make sure that Juliet was truly able to focus on her work/life balance and put her finances on autopilot, we provided her with an easy-to-use personal finance website. This helped her to see how her finances were improving in line with her goals and allowed her to focus on what mattered most to her - her work/life balance.


Juliet is still a very much successful realtor. While the real estate market might still feel hectic, her financial plan has created a sense of calm in her life. Having the newfound confidence of seeing that she can retire on her terms, she’s got more energy to focus on her clients and helping them find their dream home!

·       Case studies may not be representative of the results of all clients and are not indicative of future performance or success.Tax advice not provided.  We suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax advisor.

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