Tim & Susan

Tim & Susan

Case Study #1


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Reduce tax liability in retirement, consolidate investment accounts, develop a reliable withdrawal strategy


After working since they were both young kids, Tim & Susan finally decided to start thinking about the next phase of their lives - retirement. Tim and Susan hold several investment accounts, including 401(k)s, 403(b)s, IRAs, an HSA, and multiple brokerage accounts. They also have two kids, both of whom recently became parents themselves. They love being grandparents and look forward to taking time away from their working careers to spend time with their growing family. 

Tim and Susan live within their means and recently paid off the mortgage on their home, but they are concerned that they might not have enough assets to retire within the next 5 years. Now that their debt obligations are finally cleared, they’re hyper-focused on saving. While they knew that they needed to save more, they weren’t sure about all the other pieces that factored into having a successful retirement.

“How do we approach subjects like health care of social security in retirement?”

“What are the tax ramifications that come with pulling money from our retirement accounts?”

“How do we develop an investment strategy that will support our goals?”



Tim and Susan quickly came to realize that they needed the help of a team of professionals who specialized in exactly what they were looking for. Luckily for Tim and Susan, they reached out at the perfect point in their journey. The initial steps in the process included establishing a retirement timeline that considered different options with regards to healthcare and social security claiming strategies.

After consolidating retirement accounts and creating an investment strategy that supported their retirement timeline, we helped Tim and Susan establish a saving plan that would remain in effect until their retirement date. From there, we helped Tim and Susan to visualize what their withdrawal strategy would look like once they finally decided to transition into that next phase.


Working with their CPA to explain any potential tax ramifications their withdrawal strategy might have; we were able to instill confidence in Tim and Susan that they were on the right track for success. Tim and Susan are currently on their way towards that next chapter in their life. With a plan in place, they feel more confident about their remaining working years and have been able to direct their attention toward enjoying watching their grandchildren grow.


Tim and Susan are looking forward to the next 5 years and know that when the timing is right, they’ve got a team of professionals working behind the scenes to ensure that the transition goes as smooth as possible.

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