College Paying

After the student does their part by improving or maintaining their GPA and SAT or ACT scores, we determine if they will qualify for need-based financial aid.

Strategies are developed to improve the need-based awards when possible and implemented when appropriate.  Having completed an in-depth cash flow analysis, any inefficiencies can be addressed, and remedied.

Typically, we have found that a thorough financial review helps identify improvements to be made adding dollars back to the household that can be used to address the cost of education.  Retirement calculations are run to determine how much is available for college expenses.  Next we evaluate all assets to decide which one's can be utilized.  Real estate is discussed as a possible solution to help lower the cost as appropriate for the family.  When necessary, borrowing options are analyzed to find what works best, and a plan to repay any debt incurred for the student's education is considered.

The student is informed about their expected student debt and a repayment plan upon graduation.